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Sandwiches, plates and green salads

In the Delikatessen Shop you can buy daily fresh and rich filled sandwiches, plates, green salads over the counter.
Perfect for lunch, excursion or after work.
Here we do not skimp with the ingredients and use our own produced award-winning salmon, big shrimps from the Arctic Ocean and other top quality ingredients that the kitchen prepares with highest care and knowledge.
We often offer a wider range for feasts and seasons.

Are you considering a larger purchase such as for a working meeting or other gathering please feel free to call us so we can work out the best solution that meets your requirements:
Phone: 0418 - 583 71

Sandwiches, plates and green salads - Stefan Pålsson AB

The Kings Shrimp sandwich plate offer
Handpeeled shrimps, mayonnaise, egg, salad, cucumber, tomato and lemon on white bread.
SEK 89
Green salad with hot smoked salmon
Green salad with hot smoked salmon, egg, asparagus and buckwheat.
SEK 75
Green salad with handpeeled shrimps
Green salad with handpeeled shrimps, egg and asparagus.
SEK 75
Duoble Salmon plate
Hot smoked salmon, cold smoked salmon, potato salad, mixed green salad and lemon.
SEK 125
Salmon roulade plate
Cold smoked salmon, salmon mousse, handpeeled shrimps, egg and lemon och white bread.
SEK 75
Triple of Danish open sandwiches
Danish open sandwiches on Danish rye bread 1 - Handpeeld shrimps, egg, mayonnaise and lemon 2 - Egg and pickled Herring 3 - Cold smoked salmon and Swedish mustard sauce
SEK 85
Plaice fillet sandwich plate
Breaded Plaice fillet, handpeeled shrimps, remoulade sauce, cucumber, tomato and lemon on rye bread
SEK 75
Luxery Swedish hoagie sandwich
Handpeeled shrimps, mayonnaise sauce, cold smoked salmon, hot smoked salmon, green salad and...
SEK 145
Salmon Plate
hot smoked salmon, potato salad, green sallad, lemon and dill with hollandaise or caviarsauce.
SEK 85

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