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Delicacies, gifts and other assortment

In addition to fish and seafood, we have a variety of other delicacies such as coffee, oil, chocolate, candy, ice cream, chips, vinegar, spices, preserves, mustard, crackers, cheese and much more at the best quality from carefully selected suppliers.

We have gift cards, Salmon as gift, gift bags and delicacy baskets that fits both feast as well as that very special gift to someone you care about.

When you visit the store, it is a must to have Stefan Pålsson's Heavenly bread with you. The bread got Gold at the Great Taste Awards in London in 2014. We sell farm egg, potato and after the season locally grown organic vegetables such as asparagus, chilli and for example strawberries.

If you have questions or want to place an order, call 0418 - 583 71

Owner Stefan Pålsson
Tel. +46 733 96 90 80
Fax +46 418 44 80 95

Economy Manager Catharina Eriksson
Tel: +46 418 583 71
Fax +46 418 44 80

Kitchen /Catering
Tel: +46 418-583 71
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