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Delikatessen shop - Stefan Pålsson AB in Landskrona Sweden

We offer our own produced awards winning salmon, seafood, pickled herring, sauces, salads, plates, sandwiches and green salads. We also produce gratins, soup, crepes, duchesse and much more.
In the shop we offer a variety of other delicacies such as coffee, oil, chocolate, candy, ice cream, chips, vinegar, spices, preserves, mustard, crackers, cheese and more at the best quality from carefully selected suppliers.

Come and try a sample taste, we always have our tasting table set for our customers. 

Warmly welcome to us at Örjaleden 4 east of Landskrona.

If you have any questions or would like to make a cetering order, please contact Kitchen at tel. 0418 - 583 71 



Owner Stefan Pålsson
Tel. +46 733 96 90 80
Fax +46 418 44 80 95

Economy Manager Catharina Eriksson
Tel: +46 418 583 71
Fax +46 418 44 80

Kitchen /Catering
Tel: +46 418-583 71
Örjaleden 4