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Catering for all occasions
Stefan Pålsson AB in Landskrona offers first class catering for all occasions both for company customers as for individuals. All food is prepared with daily fresh ingredients and lots of love because we know that food is important for a successful event. The quality of our ingredients have always come first and we use our own produced awards winning smoked salmon and quality shrimp from the Arctic Sea in our production. The great experience and knowledge that the staff hold is an enormous asset that fulfills the good service we deliver.
We produce various kinds of sandwiches, plates, platters of assorted delicacies. 
If you have any question or would like to place an catering order: 
contact kitchen: 0418 - 583 71

Owner Stefan Pålsson
Tel. +46 733 96 90 80
Fax +46 418 44 80 95

Economy Manager Catharina Eriksson
Tel: +46 418 583 71
Fax +46 418 44 80

Kitchen /Catering
Tel: +46 418-583 71
Örjaleden 4